Custom Cut Dimension Lumber

Need Odd Sized Lumber?

From our portable band-saw lumber mill we can produce lumber to any dimension. Spruce, Pine of Douglas Fir cants or boards can be milled to the size you need.

The band-saw mill produces a nice clean finish without the chopmarks left by a chainsaw mill. For added finish the lumber can be milled through our planer to produce a perfectly smooth surface.

Custom Cut Lumber

Great for custom deck work or post and beam finishing on exteriors or interiors. Or any application that requires a dimension not readily available as a standard size from lumber suppliers.

Let us know the sizes you need and the species of wood and we can supply it.

Also Available, Blue Stained Pine

Ponderosa pine and lodgepole pine with blue stain from mountain pine beetle makes for an interesting look and can maintain its unique coloring when finished with a clear varnish. We also build picnic furniture out of blue stained pine.

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Our friend, Mitch Upton, builds custom furniture, wide plank flooring and other products out of reclaimed Douglas Fir timbers. You can visit his site at

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